Sharon Hendrix’s Mesmerizing Take on “It Takes Two” (Cover)

Believe it or not, Sharon Hendrix‘s musical journey began at a surprisingly young age. Picture this: she was just a two-year-old, standing on a pew and belting out a tune that captivated the crowd and choir, earning her a thunderous round of applause. Little did anyone know that this moment would ignite the spark of a lifelong passion.

Since that awe-inspiring church choir performance, Hendrix’s musical career has taken off, defying all expectations. Her velvety vocals have effortlessly worked their way into countless hearts, including, quite possibly, yours. Collaborating with legends like Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder, she has carved out a name for herself as a reliable and immensely talented creative partner.

In her latest single, ” It Takes Two,” Sharon Hendrix takes a heartfelt trip down memory lane. Joined once again by her dear friend and creative partner, Marvin Robinson, she breathes new life into the timeless classic originally performed by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston. The arrangement is a lively tapestry of swinging horns, sultry saxophones, and mesmerizing keys. As the duo effortlessly coos and croons the playful and timeless lyrics, their voices blend together in a seamless embrace. It truly takes two to create a sound so enchanting and sweet.

The music video for ” It Takes Two ” offers a delightful glimpse into the process and inspiration behind the song. It weaves together scenes of the dynamic duo, their energetic backing band, and snippets of famous musical couples. The video concludes with a touching tribute to Hendrix and her partner, the talented producer Dan Voss Jr. So, grab your loved one, snuggle up, and let yourselves be swept away by this revitalizing rendition of a timeless hit. Get ready to rediscover the magic that Sharon Hendrix brings to the world of music.

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