Be That Person To “Rescue” Mïka Lewis On This New Tune

Minnesota-born musician, Mïka Lewis comes off with this new song she calls “Rescue” which is her third release on her forthcoming EP.

In “Rescue” she talks about being the kind to take on whatever is thrown at her, but each time she would need someone to come to her rescue. Having someone present, whether emotional or physical, may be really beneficial as this song is about that one person in your life that you’ve always been there for and who continues to come through for you no matter the circumstance. We all need such people in our lives and I know you can surely relate to this one. If you do, this is the one for you. 

Mïka Lewis, a Minnesota native now residing in Los Angeles, has a delicate voice and classically educated piano talents that easily translate into her compassionate indie-pop style. Think Halsey meets Julia Wolf’s emotive tones. 

Mïka’s strong vocal maintains the clear tone and indie spirit of the 90s alternative rock period, while her passionate lyrics and captivating songs reflect on the frequently unspoken hardships of life and love, earning her the moniker “a missing link in indie-pop.”

Jennifer Knapp was her first musical influence; her record was the first one she ever purchased, and she learned every song by heart within a few weeks of receiving it. Julia Wolf is now one of her main influences. 

As said by Mïka, “I grew up in the church and music was a huge part of that and a part of my life basically since I could talk. And when I was 11 I decided to teach myself piano so I could write songs. And ever since then It’s been a huge part of me. And when I went on the journey at 17 years old to figure out what I believed and I decided I didn’t believe in God and didn’t wanna be religious anymore, I reevaluated everything and I found new purpose in my music and used it as an outlet for my feelings.” 

Her debut single, “Happy” was released on all platforms on June 18, 2021. Listen to “Rescue” below and follow her on Instagram via @mikalewisfofficial

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