Kaiii Shares New Single Donuts

Kaiii is a German-Japanese singer and producer who now resides in Berlin. Among the musicians whose styles he gets influenced by while creating his tracks are Playboy Carti and Burna Boy, as well as DJ Rashad and DJ Premier.

Kenji451 is a German-Japanese producer who works with him to complete his projects. It was released in 2020, and he is fluent in German, English, and Japanese.

This song is a tribute to the iconic record producer J Dilla’s most recent single and was released on the 10th of February, which marks the 16th anniversary of J Dilla’s passing. Donuts has a sound reminiscent of Frank Ocean, J.Dilla, and DJ Rashad when mixed with German production.

This song was co-produced by Kenji451, who is known for making instrumentals that are different from the norm. He emphasizes the song’s wide range of influences.

The song’s lyrics discuss going to one more dance and then driving home after finally parting ways with someone. significantly impacted by James Dewitt Yancey’s untimely departure from the company. This track, titled “Donuts,” uses the same sample used in Dilla’s song “Last Donuts of the Night.”



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