Lola Regenthal Calls Up Mike Stern For “Letter To Dad”

Swedish singer and songwriter, Lola Regenthal has finally unleashed her newest single “Letter To Dad” and she taps Mike Stern on this.

The jazzy singer-songwriter’s enveloping voice with amazing depth is combined with enticing tones from Mike Stern, one of the world’s leading guitarists.

Lola sings directly to her loving father in “Letter to Dad,” who unfortunately died after a long fight with illness.

With her flowing words, she focuses on the tiny things in everyday life that may elicit such strong memories of the people we care about the most.

Lola Regenthal is a Swedish songbird from the northern part of the country who traveled to the jazz capital of New York and achieved remarkable success.

Acclaimed performances at iconic venues like as The Bitter End, Metropolitan Room, and Shapeshifter Lab led to a deeper relationship with American jazz guitarist Mike Stern (Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Stan Getz, Michael Brecker, and others).

Mike and Lola remained in contact after she returned to Sweden to be with her family during her father’s sickness. Lola’s father was also a musician who was much influenced by Stern’s music.

Because of Lola’s relationship with Mike, her father was able to speak with his idol on the phone on multiple times, and they met via exciting chats about music. As a result, it was a simple option for Lola and Mike to collaborate on this homage to her father.

As said by her, “I wanted my dad’s song to feel just like the open landscape of Öland, where you can experience the tranquility and closeness to both nature and the sea. Therefore, the airy arrangement leaves a lot of room for both bigger sound and reflection. During Mike’s amazing solo, you can even hear a bird vaguely in the background that started singing outside the studio – I´m thinking it might have been Dad wanting to join in and play along with me and his friend. I hope my music can help us pause for a few minutes and reflect on the lovely things in life and cherish the fond memories we have of what has been lost. I wish that, just like with a movie, you listen through the whole song and allow yourself to really feel.”

The track is the first of four planned releases that will be included on an EP due out in 2022. The release of the CD heralds the beginning of a new chapter in Lola Regenthal’s musical career.

Lola had previously published the album “With You” on Seattle’s Origin Records, the EP “Bye Bye Baby” on Bergman recording, and has been on compilation albums in China.

Listen to the song below and follow her on social media via @lolaregenthalmusic on Instagram and Facebook.

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