Riskyisme Brings the Heat with Explosive Summer Anthem ‘Summer Freak!’

Riskyisme, the Toronto-born rapstar, is back in action and ready to captivate his fans with his latest single, ‘Summer Freak!’ Released just in time to kick off the official start of the summer season, this track is set to dominate the airwaves and become a staple in everyone’s summertime playlists.

Following his successful sophomore project, ‘Locked In,’ released earlier this year, Riskyisme continues to showcase his musical prowess and keep his competitors on their toes. With over half a million streams and two projects under his belt, Riskyisme is making his mark in the music world, and ‘Summer Freak!’ solidifies his rightful place in the spotlight.

‘Summer Freak!’ is a mesmerizing blend of Riskyisme’s infectious flow and captivating attitude. From the moment the beat drops, you can’t help but surrender to the pulsating rhythm that sets the stage for Riskyisme’s lyrical prowess.

Riskyisme exhibits his rap style and blends it with hiphop vibe making the whole song nostalgic, his delivery on the song makes it easy for the listener to enjoy the lyrics of the song.

In the song, Riskyisme reflects on a past summer fling, capturing the essence of a relationship that is intense, romantic, but destined to end with the changing of seasons.

Riskyisme himself explains the inspiration behind the track, stating, “I made this song while reminiscing about a summer connection I had with a girl from my past. It perfectly represents the fleeting nature of a summer relationship that’s exciting but ultimately short-lived. Dropping this song right as summer begins, I believe listeners will gravitate towards its fun, catchy, and relatable vibe.”

Accompanied by a highly anticipated music video scheduled to be released on the 30th of June, Riskyisme is poised to take Summer 2023 by storm. ‘Summer Freak!’ serves as the anthem of the season, encapsulating the carefree and exhilarating nature of summer connections.

Get ready to embrace the heat and surrender to the infectious energy of Riskyisme’s ‘Summer Freak!’ This explosive single is bound to leave you craving more and make your summer memories even more unforgettable.

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