Feel The Emotions In Disjointed By BIGBALDBEN

In the early 2000s, BIGBALDBEN made a conscious effort to put his music career on hold in other to focus on his family. Ben was the lead singer for Cesspool, Cesspool was an American post-grunge rock band in the mid-1990s. although the decision to put music on hold was inevitable, that didn’t stop him from following his passion as a musician, all this year’s Ben has been an avid songwriter and producer.

His latest single Disjointed is a heartfelt ballad, a song where he shares the thoughts that have been running wild in his head, although the message is singular, the lyrics of the song can easily be related by every music lover because we all tend to feel the same way.

Ben shared how sometimes we feel we are our own enemy, that we are responsible for some of the things that happen in our life, thus “No match for me”, a repetitive lyric in the song that keeps ringing and sinks down into the heart of the listener. This is how he described Disjointed.

He said

“My new song “Disjointed” is about sometimes feeling like your own worst enemy and the frustration of trying to get a handle on who you are and what you want out of life.”

BIGBALDBEN’s music is refreshing and enticing as it’s heavy rock with a metal edge and two- and three-part vocal harmonies. A rare sensation that only a few music lovers are able to experience, but when you come to this side you get it for free from BIGBALDBEN.

Listen to Disjointed below






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