Sano Hill Is A Perfect “Dancer”

Sanohill is an accomplished musician from Galway, Ireland. He creates unique, humane songs about life, love, and loss. With lyrics that speak from the heart, he blends original guitar movements with his distinct vocals for a moving single.

Dancer is the sixth single from Sano Hill’s forthcoming album which includes singles that diversified his craft and was wildly appreciated by music lovers, these songs were “Feel Love” “Sing Out Loud”, “CircleWalk”, “The Climb” and “Starting Over” which would be compiled into his debut album “If Not Now, When?”

the acoustic guitar is in perfect harmony with the voice. Without a doubt, you will be conquered by the single “Dancer” which will make you happy to listen in a corner of tranquility and peace.

Excellent guitar arrangements and expert production complemented Sano Hill’s extraordinary talent as a true artist. His silken tone of voice and the lovely cascading lines of his vocals reveal his subtle, profound wisdom. This stirring song, which was born in the innermost recesses of a honest soul, is performed by the singer along with lead and acoustic guitars.

‘Dancer’ deals with the challenge of artistic creation, set against the background of a memory of a dance, and the first fires of romantic encounter. It is part love song, part artistic reflection.

Dancer reflects his artistic development over the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to doubt and denial, disillusionment, breakup and recovery.

It was recorded at Dublin’s legendary Windmill Lane Studios and produced by award-winning producer Larry Hogan, with final engineering and mastering by acclaimed Mix Engineer Braddon Williams

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