MACY Draws The Curtain With “Swear Down”

Swear Down is a transatlantic collaboration with Ollie Marland (Cher,Tina Turner,Pink) which will be the latest release from sensational singer MACY.

MACY started writing songs at an early age, she started writing at the age of 11, and since then she has been gradually rising up the ranks amassing fans across the globe.

She is an energetic pop singer who brings light to a dull room. Each song she makes has clear and distinct lyrics, so not only are you dancing to the songs, but you also connect with the music.

With a very distinct voice, MACY made it to the finals of “Open Mic Uk” competition and performed in the final at the 02. Since then the acclaimed singer and songwriter have made it her topmost priority to make great songs.

Her latest song “Swear Down” is a feel-good ballad, the song sweeps you off your feet before you realize you start dancing to the song. MACY’s music is strongly influenced by Jesse J, Lana Del Rey,& Dua Lipa, and like a master at work, she puts all their musical styles together in each song she produces.

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Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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