Sachin Uplifts The Mood With ‘So Free’

Having grown up together In their village, 5 friends decided to combine their musical powers and created something that can be enjoyed by everybody. Individually they used to produce music as a solo project, but they later decided to come together and have fun.

In the course of having fun, the quintet created a feel-good song which was later titled “So Free”. So Free is a feel-good pop song that brings the joy of being truly free from anything that ties you. Sachin, Keaton, Rohan, JJ and Govind ended up creating a masterpiece that wasn’t intended to be released but later they had to give it out.

So Free capitalizes on the joy of being burden-free, the song is infectious as listening to it, you can hear the joy Sachin sang out the lyrics of the song. ‘So Free’ kicks off with a fun intro that gradually intensifies and graduates with some drums, toppled with some mad rap.

The production of So Free is just incredible, it blends other genres while lightening the mood with its catchy and easy-to-grasp hook.

Listen to So Free below


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