Michael Peloso Shares A Sentimental Sound – That Will be Me

The main inspiration behind “That Will Be Me” is a very emotional and sentimental one from Michael Peloso, as you could feel the melancholic vibe oozing from every word, and instrument in the song. Michael Peloso is a songwriter and producer who released his first solo album, Life’s Little Accidents on September 7, 2021.

Michael Peloso has then been known for his impeccable songwriting skills which are engaging and impactful. And his latest single “That Will Be Me” doesn’t fall short of that, it is a song that dives directly into the listener’s heart releasing an array of thoughts and emotions. That Will Be Me is the second released from his yet-to-be-titled second album. The

The lyrics of That Will Be Me were written by Michael Peloso to his 2 daughters while he was in a hospital bed recovering, he used these words as an assurance, that whatever the outcome he would always be with them at any time of the day.

5 years ago, he almost died from a tumor that ruptured in his colon it was Stage IV colon cancer. Because of the severity of his case, he wasn’t really sure of the outcome, although it was frightening Michael’s hope didn’t waver as he knew he would always be there with his daughters.

That Will Be Me displays his songwriting skills that resonate with the listener, although the theme behind the song was inspired by his personal life event, the lyrics of the song give hope to everybody, regardless of what you are going through or whatever hurdle seems impossible to overcome.

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