‘Dive’ Into The World Of Under Delusion

Dive is a dark and emotional tale by Moscow-based indie synth-rock act Under Delusion. After a successful album release, the Trio releases a follow-up single to remind music lovers of what they are missing.

With 3 poets in the band, you have a surety of mind-blowing lyrics that would take you aback and usher you into another world, where the theme of the song is dawned on you by the melodic voice of the lead singer, a danceable atmosphere, and psychedelic.

“Dive” kicks off with some mild drumline growling undertone that arouses your sense of anticipation, creating a suitably ominous environment for the main vocalist’s seductive low voice.

The song’s extremely seductive vocal delivery is enhanced by throbbing synths, pounding bass, and vibrant drumming. “Dive,” is a darkwave smash from Under Delusion, a rugged alternative rock experience featuring elements of synth-wave and industrial.

This is backed by a current rock track that is endlessly stimulating and powered by the passion that the song is about. The song’s unmistakable emotional intensity can be heard in both the personal, love-centered lyrics and the wall of passion-inducing guitars and drums.

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