Justin Turk Switches It Up With Truth In Lies

”Truth In Lies” came as a surprise because we all know Justin Turk to be a pop singer, so the last time we expected from him was a rock/punk song, but Justin Turk has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a versatile artist and can fit into any box.

After the previous review of “My Oh My,’ I am sure most music lovers wouldn’t expect Justin Turk to do a punk song, because he was so smooth on that song. Yet how he switches between characters in ‘Truth In Lies’ is very intriguing and mind-blowing, he does this effortlessly, making it seem easy.

Listening to the song you can hear his addictive voice screaming hard the lyrics to the song, and the next minute, he is calmly singing. Something entirely different from what he is known for, but the core of his sound doesn’t flick as he stays true to his craft – singing.

Justin Turk Exclaims “My Oh My”

When asked about the main inspiration behind Truth In Lies, this is what Justin Turk Had to say, I am sure that is why you can feel the emotions oozing from the song, he said –

“The song is about seeking the truth by looking within. It’s about living by the golden rule. Revealing the hidden truth that is shared amongst all religions.”

A few seconds into Truth In Lies you are met with a hard punching bass line and a series of guitar riffs, his vocals as unique as ever, tantalizing, and refreshing. This sounds more like a live performance and I can’t wait to see him perform this on stage.

Listen to Truth In Lies Below

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