Justin Turk Exclaims “My Oh My”

My Oh My is a Pop, is a country song from acclaimed singer and songwriter Justin Turk. Justin went solo in 2011 after he decided to explore his gift and harness them into becoming a real gift he can share with the rest of the world.

This is a now-or-never tune that will have you considering your future steps thanks to its endearing personality, soothing vocals, and inspirational lyrics that help us see past all that harmful self-doubt. The world can be cruel, but if you block out distractions, you can actually do anything.

The song, My Oh My is a power-packed country music that transcends emotions, the beautiful blend of pop-rock country music with dreamy guitar and laidback vocals heightens the interest of the listener and makes them fall in love with the song. It was produced by Art Ward for Century Music Group, Nashville, TN.

Justin Turk is  An avid performer, who has gained recognition from extensive touring in a number of states along the East Coast, USA. He has been known as a master of genre-blending, blending different genres to give the song a perfect finish.

Justin is a great songwriter with great expertise and My Oh My proves his prowess with music creation, and with such great instrumentation, the song becomes one of a kind.

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