Live In Colors Tells It All In “A Better Me”

Live In Colors is a Swedish pop/rock band from Jönköping, Sweden, formed in 2018. After the release of their debut album which was released in 2019, the band has since spread out their wings trying to showcase their talents to the world.

The band consists of Jesper, Anton, Linus, Tim, and Melker. In 2019 the band released two consecutive singles, “You” and “Catch The Feeling”. Catch the feeling was the official soundtrack for the European universities’ rowing championships.

Live in Colors has since diversified its music, but this hasn’t affected the core of the band, which is to put together a piece that is capable of bringing forth the emotions in you.

The band describes their music as pure ADVENTURE! The sound is happy, emotional, and dreamy and delivers these feelings through playful guitars, catchy drumbeats, intense bass rhythms, and existential lyrics about awareness, development, and love

Their new song “A Better Me” is a perfect example of what the band can do. The song kicks off with a bright and percussive acoustic guitar pattern, quickly paving the way to a modern sound, in which some ambient pads and electronic percussion join a great vocal performance; filled with heart and passion.

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