Offdaze Throws You off With Space Invaders

When I saw the title “Space Invaders” I knew it was going to be a direct hit, and guess what, it’s sure is a hit. Offdaze is a duo that has been making music together since 2014, and you can tell the sync between them in their sound. When you Preston Dill and Andrew Krause combine their magical powers you get Offdaze.

The beginning of Space Invaders tells it all about the type of music you are being ushered into, it starts off with a low tone and a low voice that complements the instrumentation of the song. This is a song that does magic to the human brain.

Offdaze really put in work to produce such a tune that is both psychedelic and cathartic, a mind-blowing single that makes you catch goosebumps. Preston Dill’s vocal prowess was shamelessly displayed over the 3 minutes 09 seconds song, you can feel the emotion in the song and can literally taste the work that had to be put.

I think what makes Space Invaders unique is the melancholic touch and recurring hook that keeps ringing in your head for days, it has a few lines, this allows you to appreciate the lyrics of the song while allowing the lyrics to work on you, a refreshing soundscape that leaves you in shock.

In totality I think Space Invaders is a great song that has the power to rub shoulders with the current songs in the pop world.  Everything you hear in Space Invaders was produced the duo with Andrew Krause spear heading the production.

Listen to Space Invaders below

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Mister Styx
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