Saline Grace Shows Off With ‘Bar Moon’

‘Bar Moon’ is the second single taken from the latest album ‘The Whispering Woods’ and comes out in a single edit version including the previously unreleased track ‘Yearning’. Saline Grace is a two-man band consisting of two people who share the same last name, Ricardo Hoffmann and Ines Hoffmann.

Saline Grace was established in 2005 in Berlin after the duo realized the deep connection they both had for music. Their sounds usually have a jazzy feel to it. Their latest single Bar Moon has this melancholic vibe to it, bringing into fusion an ominous atmosphere and perfect lyricism.

Ricardo Hoffmann’s voice adds a special effect to the tune allowing the instrumentals to stand out while shining lights on his spectacular singing and songwriting skills. With recurring lyrics, the duo takes you on a mind-blowing journey that allows you to experience all the emotions Bar Moon carries.

Listening to Bar Moon you can hear some wonderful musical instruments mainly consisting of piano, organ, concertina, strings as well as jazzy bass and drums, the listener is inevitably getting entangled in a sound experience.

Listen to Bar Moon Below

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