Love Ghost Releases Their Latest Single ‘Jealousy’

Our impressions of Love Ghost have been constantly positive due to their professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and rigorous touring schedule in an endeavor to get more and more fans all around the world. Following recent tours of Mexico and Europe, the band is putting everything they have into establishing a reputation, and it appears to be working.

Over the last few years, LA-based outfit Love Ghost have been at the forefront of the emotionally-charged alt-rock scene. With a flurry of rich and diverse offerings under their belt already, many of which racking up millions of streams each, they are now looking to continue their upward ascent as they deliver the powerful new offering ‘Jealousy’.

They only recently released their critically acclaimed studio album “Dark Phoenix,” but “Jealousy” demonstrates that they are still at the top of their creative game. Rarely a second passes without us experiencing the full intensity of the heartfelt drive this song has to offer, making the entire listening experience brilliantly captivating.

Love Ghost Releases Music Video For Ghost Town

Jealousy comes off with hard-hitting mash of guitars and drums, a song with dark emo themes and a super-cool melancholy atmosphere. The lyric, “Why do the ones we love make us so lonely” was a particularly poignant line with a raw vocals both vulnerable and real.

There are some truly dynamic moments in this track, with plenty of scope for gentler sections and huge rises. Clearly, the band are superb arrangers as well as writers and performers.

Watch Jealousy below

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