Kurst Brings The ‘Action’ To Life

Imagine listening to a song that reminds you of all the great action movies you’ve watched, lit right, yeah! That’s exactly what Kurst keeps feeding us with it.

Kurst is an acronym for King Under Really Stressful Times and with each single he proves he is the best lyricist when it comes to storytelling, what makes it very interesting is the disposition of his voice when he switches between movies, sometimes he could go soft, then hard, then about to scream, to me this is top tier.

Interestingly, in the song Action, Kurst doesn’t just put movies together, but also makes it personal, he uses it as a medium to talk about himself, its like he is talking about himself using the action movies.

Kurst Presents To You ‘The Oracle’

Fitting about 37 popular action movies and fitting them into a 3 minutes song is something to brag about, the bars and delivery on the instrumentation is something you cannot get enough of.

The lyrics of the song shows Kurst’s songwriting skills, a bold approach to reality, and the lyrics to the song are relatable and not some kind of fantasy, from the rage, the rap, the bass, the production, everything is top notch.

Not only does Kurst talks about the movie, but he talks about the movie stars and their personalities as well, this Canadian artist is something to watchout for, his growth is very rampant and if he continues down this lane his success is guaranteed

Listen to Action below

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