Kurst Presents To You ‘The Oracle’

Kurst is the acronym King Under Really Stressful Times, a Canadian indie artist currently based in Windsor, Ontario. In terms of lyrical composition, Kurst is a musical genius and here is why:

During the difficult times of his life, he turned to music as a getaway from all the trials and tribulations. At the age of ten young Krust was already composing his own songs, this wasn’t difficult for him as he excelled in poetry.

His new song “The Oracle” is a perfect representation of his capabilities. Originally, The Oracle was a writing exercise to challenge himself to incorporate as many Disney movie references as possible into one song.

I am sure after listening to the song, you would side with me when I say it was a good initiative by Kurst to share this song with the masses. . As part of an EP called movie night, The Oracle contains is a story about determination, betrayal, and love

It is unbelievable how Kurst is able to fit the life stories of the Disney characters into a 3 mins 21 sec song, the delivery, bars, and composition are all on point.

Although the song doesn’t have a catchy hook/chorus, this is a win for hip-hop fans, as the whole song contains straight bars. The oracle is a song you’d have to listen to for yourself.

Listen to The Oracle below


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