XRick SaenzX Debungs Angel In The House

The title of the song ”Angel in the house” was inspired by a Victorian poet Coventry Patimore, from whom XRick SaenzX acquired the idea of what an Angel in the house is.

Now gather around if you enjoy rap music, because XRick SaenzX has some bars for the masses. The musical scene has been fogged with shadow rappers, either copying the same flow from a certain rapper or the same cadence.

XRick SaenzX aims at changing the narrative of being a copycat. He hopes this new song would change the direction in which rap music is taking.

“I made this song to showcase my ability to write intricate “bars” while maintaining an entertaining flow.”

According to XRick SaenzX this is the main inspiration behind all these bars while the beat is a sample of Lil Wayne’s – A milli. The song is about women having to be confined to this chauvinist ideal of women having to be meek, charming, beautiful, and devoted wives in our society.

Angel in the House definitely is a song you’d have to listen to, to witness all the beauty that comes with it.

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