Alternate Jane Wants you To Join Her At Higher Grounds

Alternate Jane was forced into a hiatus after the world was struck by the pandemic, she had to focus on the lives of the patients, being a doctor is also in line with the core of her music.

Unfortunately, she was struck by the virus in the course of treating her patients, but Alternate Jane is a strong fighter, she overcame the obstacle and sailed through.

Her latest song ‘Higher ground’ is a ballad that talks about the uncertainties of finding out that your lover is not who they claim to be, this realization could cripple you.

“Higher Ground” is about feeling alive again after a surprise turn of events in life giving new purpose to one’s life, and a chance of meeting someone you never thought you’d encounter who changes your whole perspective on things.

It’s the excitement and exhilaration of new love, one that sometimes blinds us to a person’s flaws or make our judgment momentarily poorer. Inspired by music from James Bond films and the mystery genre, this song combines the noir theme with a romantic twist.


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Mister Styx
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