Fake Whiz Screams ‘My Heart Is On Fire’

Fake Whiz is a multi-talented musician who poses as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, mixing, and recording artist who has 3 Eps and 5 singles under his belt which he solely produced, recorded, mixed, and sung.

My heart is on fire’ was written 12 years ago, but Fake Whiz couldn’t make the production meet his artistic vision until this year when everything suddenly fell into place and the final product was made in just a few days.

The song is a ballad, with a relaxing beat giving the listener a euphoric vibe. The song talks about the bursting overflowing emotions one gets when they see a person for the first time and fall in love.

“My Heart is on fire

and you are my heart desire

Let us dance the whole night”

This is a resonating chorus of the song, expressing the feelings of seeing a loved one for the first time, yet it feels like you have known the person for years, probably centuries.

My heart is on fire is a romantic song for love birds and perfect for sharing special moments with our loved ones. It is a Classic and modern Soul/R&B Music,

The lyrics to My Heart is on Fire are clear aiding the listener to not only enjoy the relaxing beat but also understand the message that the song conveys.

Listen to the song below

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