Antony Alexander Emphasizes On – I Ain’t Coming Back

A good song can easily be identified even after being listened to for a few secs and undeniable “I Ain’t Coming Back” by Antony Alexander is one of those songs, and here is why:

I Ain’t Coming Back is an electronic pop song that brings back Electronic music from the 1980s like New Order, The Shamen, OMD, and the Buggles. Antony Alexander is an independent who self-produces his own music.

The song is about pulling yourself out of the trenches after a breakup and continuing your life like nothing of that sort ever happened. Anybody who has ever suffered from a breakup who admits to the fact looking forward after that phase can be a little foggy.

Nevertheless, Antony Alexander is giving hope to anybody striving you put themselves together, not just by words but also giving them something to dance to.

Although the theme of the song is about looking forward after a breakup, the song can be enjoyed by the masses. I Ain’t Coming Back is also a romantic song that can be enjoyed by couples, it has good synth and drum compositions.

The theme of the song “Is Never Coming Back” and thanks to this the song is not limited to a particular group.

I can’t wait for the song to be released so I can share it with you guys. Definitely, Antony Alexander is an artist to look forward to.

I ain’t coming back is expected to be released on the 24th of February, stay glued. But before then check out his catalog.

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