“Unveiling ‘When Said Is Done’: A Groovy Fusion Adventure

Alright, picture this: I hit play, expecting just an instrumental jam, you know? But, man oh man, within a minute, I’m like in pure bliss mode. I’m grooving along, thinking it can’t get better. But guess what? It totally does. This jazzy voice swoops in, and I’m totally hooked. Can’t even stop myself from hitting that replay button like a million times. Trust me, you’ll be in the same boat.

So, we’re talking about John Goldrust here – a real music maestro. This guy’s been honing his craft for ages, mastering music production, synth horns, and rhythm guitar. But this time, he’s got a squad with him. There’s Ilodica, the voice and melodica magician; Funky Paulo, the keyboard, bass, and drums dynamo; and James Cox, the funkadelic wah-wah guitar guru. Together, they’ve conjured up some serious magic.

Now, let’s dive into the single “When Said Is Done.” It’s like this wild mashup of Jazz-Funk awesomeness with a sprinkle of Reggae vibes. Imagine dancing in a neon-lit cloud – that’s the vibe. And don’t even get me started on the lyrics. They’re like a cosmic pep talk, all about having faith in some higher power and letting the goodness in the universe shine, especially in our crazy world.

And here’s the kicker: this track ain’t no AI-generated shortcut. In a world where robots are tinkering with our tunes, this one’s a pure human creation. No auto-tune nonsense here. It’s like a reminder that real music is all about heart and soul, not just lines of code.

Let’s talk about the music itself. “When Said Is Done” is like a sonic tapestry, woven with care and crazy skill. Each note, each beat – they’re like strokes of genius that’ll tingle your eardrums. Seriously, you can tell these folks poured their hearts into making this tune a total masterpiece.

In the big ol’ world of music, “When Said Is Done” shines like a dang diamond. So here’s the deal: give it a listen, buckle up for the suspense, and let yourself get swept away on this funky, suspenseful, and oh-so-awesome journey. John Goldrust and the gang have cooked up something seriously special, and all you gotta do is hit play.

Listen to “When Said Is Done” below

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