Dara Blaxx’s ‘In My Cup’ Is An Enthralling Night Out in Musical Form”

Dara Blaxx is an Afro Soul British Nigerian singer and songwriter who was heavily influenced throughout her youth, she has been keeping the fire burning and finally Dara Blaxx has returned to the music scene with a bang through her latest single, “In My Cup,” following a hiatus since her debut EP, Arrhythmia.

“In My Cup” beautifully captures the captivating chaos and thrill of a long-awaited night out. Listening to “In My Cup” you would hear siren-like melodies and harmonies a common sound that can be heard from far away at night, giving us a feel of the night life, from the pre-party chaos to the enticing afterparty, gesturing everyone to join her in experiencing the night life.

The lyrics of “In My Cup” a perfectly displayed throughout the 2 minutes 57 seconds song, a timeless feeling of living the night life. This is fusion of Afrobeat, Afro-soul and Pop.

Dara’s music was heavily influenced by some of the great names in the music industry, yet she has personalized her sound and she owns, that aside he uses real-life experiences and relatable lyrics during her songwriting process making the listening not only jam to her song but also enjoy the lyrics.

Listen to “In My Cup” below

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