Get Ready To Be Blown Away ‘Cascadia’ By Vanstones

Before I could say ‘jack’ I caught myself enjoying the sweet melodies of “Of Course I Can” which happens to be the first song on the 8-titled song album “Cascadia” by Vanstones. The first song off the album reassures music lovers that the album is going to be a one-of-a-kind.

A collection of heartwarming vocal harmonies, comforting acoustic melodies, spirited rhythms, and electrifying guitar crescendos beckons within this musical masterpiece. The Trio perfectly blends different genres you can hear elements of folk, folklore, country music, Americana, and also some modern-day music.

I was actually hooked on the 5th song, as I like upbeat songs, “Rainbow Valley” is a song that you would enjoy if you also like upbeat songs, but don’t be deceived by the beat, because the next song has more in stock.

In my opinion, I think “Better Days” has some elements of Afrotunes, but that is not the only fun fact, it also some a great storyline that glues you to your listening set and you might play it over and over again without realizing it.

“It was either fate or luck that brought us together but either way, it’s been amazing,” said Schultz. “Most of these songs were written during the pandemic” he adds. “The album captures our emotional experiences at the time, as well as the pure joy and connection we felt making music with each other. That joy is really what we want to share with the world.”

With this said, it makes so much sense, that the album came out this good. This is an album I would recommend to any music lover, these songs can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life and doesn’t have any age barrier

The 8 songs span over 25 minutes and 2 seconds, and the sad part is the album has an end. One fact that cannot be overlooked throughout the album is the lyricism and sync between the band, you can they put in a lot of time and efforts into this, because creating as masterpiece as these takes more than just luck

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