Enjoy The Moment ‘Here And Now’ Says Robert Vendetta

Robert Vendetta‘s new single, “Here And Now,” is a beautiful and soulful ode to living in the moment. The song begins softly with just Vendetta’s piano and vocals, but it gradually builds in intensity as the band joins in. The lyrics are simple but powerful, and they perfectly capture the feeling of wanting to savor every moment of life.

“I can see it now; I have to make a change. It’s hard to face the truth, how I’ve wasted time working for a future life.” How about stopping for a bit, daring to be proud of what you have achieved and live in the moment? That’s what Robert Vendetta asks himself in this song.”

– This according to Robert Vendetta is the genesis of the song, Vendetta’s vocals are a standout on the track. He has a warm, expressive voice that perfectly conveys the emotion of the song. The backing vocals by Jansvik, Christelle, and Janos add an extra layer of depth and richness to the sound.

The instruments are all perfectly balanced, and the overall sound is ear pleasing and cathartic not forgetting the production of the track is top-notch. “Here And Now” is a truly special song and a reminder and from time to time we need to take a break and appreciate our success. It’s a song that will stay with you for a long time after you’ve heard it.

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