Rusty Reid’s Musical Tale of Rio Frio”

Rusty Reid’s got this amazing thing going on, not just with his music skills, but how he brings history alive, like adding this special charm that’s just so captivating, you know?

Right from the start, “Rio Frio” sets itself up as this musical journey that mixes the cultures of Mexico and America. Reid did a wonderful job on choosing this instrumentation, not just because its sweet and ear pleasing, but it also compliments the lyrics of the song perfectly

The theme behind the creation of “Rio Frio” is a historic one,so at the mention of it, it brings back memories. And atop that Rusty Reid tells a beautiful story on a sweet instrumentation. The song paints a picture of this fading cowboy guy, lost in thoughts about this faraway love while staring at the stars by the calm waters of the Rio Frio.

A Soulful Serenade: Rusty Reid’s ‘Our Love’s With You’

The lyrics make this clear picture, and you can really feel it, you know? Anyone who knows what it’s like to miss stuff can connect to these feelings. Reid’s way of putting all these deep feelings into his words shows he’s a super talented songwriter.

One thing I love about this song is the level at which listeners can relate with, we all have that special person, so from time to time they cross our mind and we hope they are also thinking about us.

Production credit goes to

Rusty – vocals, electric guitar
Steve Beasley – acoustic guitars, electric guitar, accordion, bass, backing vocals
Darin Watkins – drums

Enjoy Rio Frio below


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