Hop On A Musical Journey With Philly Machete On His Latest Single Paradise

Philly Machete is a multi-talented musician who has spent years perfecting his craft, he is a rapper and songwriter and also produces his own songs, Philly’s musical career heightened in 2019 when he and his friend decided to pursue a path that they both loved. And since then Philly Machete has produced breathtaking singles.

His latest song, “PARADISE,” is thought-provoking and introspective journey through the ups and downs of life and death, a dark and gloomy ride into your innermost self.

Paradise spans over 2minutes and 12 seconds, although short lived “Paradise” leaves a long lasting impression on the listener and makes you want more of it . It’s a song that makes you think about how our planet is changing, and why we’re not doing more to fix it. The instrumentation of the song clearly compliments the song and gives it that haunting effect.

Listening to the song you can hear some thoughts provoking lyrics that catches the listeners attention and pulls at their heartstrings, It’s also a song about death. The song’s lyrics ask the tough questions about what it means to die, and what we’ll leave behind when we’re gone.

It’s a song that makes you take a step back and think about your own life and what you’re doing with it. Philly Machete has actually outdone himself with this from the production of the song to raps, the chorus, and this tells alot about the hardwork and dedication which went into making of this

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