Sensational Singer Olla Tells A Love Story In ‘Prana’

Following the release of her debut single Monte-carlo, sensational singer Olla displays her rich and authentic voice in her latest single which she titles Prana.

The intro to the song is a perfect opening, her smooth voice on the serene beat welcomes the listener into the love world. The beat starts on a low tone but as it progresses it becomes melodic, a tone set for couples.

The lyrics of Prana tell Olla is a sucker for love, and how she sings the lyrics to the song is therapeutic, and mind-boggling, setting the mood right for lovers, it is a slow jam that I believe was tailored specifically for lovers.

The title Prana title comes from yogic teaching and is translated from Sanskrit as “life force energy” or “breath of life”.

When asked about the main inspiration behind the song, this is what she had to say

“I feel my prana through love, which I believe is the greatest power on Earth. It is a healing, fulfilling and inspiring force that does conquer all”.

She added

“There is an obvious romance in this song, which is meant to be so as this track is my anniversary present to my main supporter and the source of my inspiration”.

The emotions with which Olla sang Prana can be felt individually, I believe that is because the lyrics were inspired by her life experiences.

Listen to Prana below

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