Here Is The Most Anticipated EP By Geiste – Ashes

Ashes is Geiste’s third EP and was written during the pandemic, all the happenings during that part of her life had a huge influence on her life, so she decided to find a way to express all those feelings welled up in her.

She crafts her own signature sound, combining lush electronic soundscapes with beautiful poetry, and endless layers of vocal harmonies, stacked to create epic moments that make your hairs stand on end.

The Ep Ashes contain 6 solid songs which resonate with the listener taking them on an emotional rollercoaster, a stream of overwhelming emotions. With a unique vocal range, Geiste sings her heart out and transports her emotions to the listener, the songs are just powerful.

Undoubtedly Geiste did a lot of work on choosing the right instrumentation for the ep, the beats of each song allow the singer to express herself in a manner that allows the lyrics of the song to be crystal clear, brandishing the theme of the song, thanks to Karri Mikkonen of Sugar House Publishing Co-producer of Ashes, the duration of the EP is 26 minutes 11 secs.

You would witness Geiste’s outstanding songwriting skills proudly spread throughout the EP as she sings each lyric in a way that is ear-pleasing and mind-blowing.

It’s just a matter of time, soon Geiste would be one of the household names when it comes names of talented pop singers, and she deserves that spot.


* Ashes

* Immortal

* Golden

* Until I come Back

* 22 59

*Wake Me Up


Listen to Ashes below:


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