Fury of A Dying Planet Creates Climate Change Awareness In ‘Bloodied Fjords’

Doug, a musician and producer from London who was working on Heart Through Sacrifice’s his second album, took a break from the project to write six songs that were fueled by his love of the environment and his passion for heavy guitars, pounding drums, and electronica. Paul Brigstock provided the melodic rock vocals for the songs. (Black Light Vice).

Filled with heavy guitars, battering drums, electronics and powerful lyrics pushed by melodic rock vocals,  Fury of A Dying Planet draw attention to the actions by humans that causes climate change, the selfish and greedy actions that keeps makes the earth non-habitable for humans and animals, making some animals go extinct, he calls it Bloodied Fjords .

Bloodied Fjords Starts off with ambient tapping bass lines and the ominous lyrics, ‘Blood in the water, choking sand, I cannot breathe’ signifying the cry of the dolphin pods hunted and slaughtered without mercy in the Faroe Islands.

Listening to the song you can feel the rage and despise the singer felt that necessitated him to compose this song. The bleeding guitar riffs and the fast paced drum says it all about the disposition of Fury of A Dying Planet on the subject.

The single Bloodied Fjords spans 5 minutes 34 seconds, giving you an ample time for the lyrics of the song go dawn on you

Listen Bloodied Fjords below

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