Sofi Gev Details When Infatuation Becomes Obsession In New Single ‘Softspoken Eyes’

We are pleased to introduce Hannah Lovelady, the gifted American singer-songwriter and indie pop musician responsible for the beautiful solo project, Sofi Gev.

Sofi began honing her abilities at an early age, writing comic songs of her own and teaching herself how to play the piano and the French horn. She also performed in unique musical productions.

Her unconventional method of honing her melodic sense entailed singing cookbook recipes to accompany her father strumming an acoustic guitar. This laid the groundwork for her subsequent achievements in the music industry.

The music of Sofi Gev combines beautiful vocals with contemplative and offbeat lyrical content, all of which is woven over a hazy combination of indie pop, electronica, and indie folk.

Sofi cites her father’s nightly renditions of Joni Mitchell songs as her earliest and most enduring musical influence. She draws inspiration from artists such as Birdy, Aurora, Maggie Rogers, Coeur de Pirate, Regina Spektor, Shara Nova of My Brightest Diamond, and Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes. Sofi also credits artists such as Birdy, Aurora, Maggie Rogers, and Coeur de Pirate.

Her song “Softspoken Eyes” is particularly noteworthy since it explores the sensation of falling profoundly in love with another person.

The music is able to portray the keen awareness of every aspect of that individual, from the person’s dress to the subtle emotions on their face to the way they walk.

Nevertheless, when the want for a more profound connection increases, it paradoxically drives the object of love farther away, which only heightens the sense of absence.

The music of Sofi Gev combines vulnerability, creative expression, and passionate energy, and it encourages listeners to accompany her on an emotional journey.

Your heart will be captivated by her mesmerising songs, and you will find yourself completely immersed in the enchanted realm of indie pop.

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