Nightly Gatherings To Release His Sophomore Album – Don’t Worry

Connor Johnson is a multi-talented artist with years of experience in music production. Connor Johnson who performs under the moniker Nightly Gatherings  is a producer, vocalist, and songwriter.

Connor Johnson has been producing music for seven years, but only began Nightly Gatherings during the pandemic. He has been releasing under the alias for almost two years. His music represents all his hardwork and dedication through all these years.

His sophomore album ‘Don’t Worry’ says it all, the album consists of 12 unique songs covering mind-boggling topics that are relevant in today’s world. Each song has a unique production with captivating lyrics. The theme of the album is circulated around his relationship with others before and after the lockdown.

The title track, “Don’t Worry” is about my coping with my best friend moving away, which inspired my writing for a huge chunk of this album.

The theme from the songs alternate from his relationship with others, how his actions affect them, to his inner voice, and the varieties in Don’t Worry makes listening to the album very interesting and addictive.

The album opener, “Not Like This” is about his mental health and how he sees it affecting his friends. Wanting to get better but being afraid he will lose the qualities people love about me.

The album closer, “There’s Always Afterwards” is expressing how even though friends may fight or it may feel like something is over, it’s really never over. There is always afterwards.

One distinct feature of the album which cannot be overlooked is the production, you could literally taste the sweat and hardwork which was put into the Indie–dance album. Don’t worry is expected to be out is expected to be released in 21-04.

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