Slot Releases a Jaw Dropping Album Titles it ‘Limbo’

Slot is the by-product of Abby Chapple and Max Detrich, for a long time the duo always wanted to make music but couldn’t find the perfect time to do that, but in 2022, they finally decided to make it happen and since then the duo has never looked back as this was something they always wanted to do.

Since the inception of Slot the band currently has two singles, and one music video, but this is not what they are limited to. Recently the band has compiled and released their debut album titled Limbo.

In a year of being active, Slot has been chipping away at the Mid-Atlantic, playing Richmond, Philly, NYC, Wilmington, DE, DC, at MACROCK, and numerous times in their hometown.

Limbo ” is the first album by Baltimore, MD duet Slot, it’s actually difficult to believe the band comprises only two people, their music sounds nothing like coming from a two-piece.

Their sound is rather loud and energetic, rowdy, riotous a mixture of hard rock and punk, and alternative pop with breathtaking lyricism. Abby Chapple is in charge of the Vocals while Max Detrich takes control of the Bass and Drum Machine.

I think Slot is able to pull off Limbo smoothly thanks to the synergy between the duo, the passionate bond they share together, you could feel the joy of producing together through Abby’s raging vocals.

With influences ranging from Daisy Chainsaw to Primus to Sneaks, Lambo is a dancey, pop, and industrial-inspired take on punk. People have commented that guitarist Max’s riffs resemble The Jesus Lizard.

Limbo comprises 9 songs and spans over 22 minutes 41 seconds, the songs are explosive and addictive, in a matter of seconds you catch the fever and jam all day to it

Listen to Limbo below

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