Katie Drives Shares Her Ordeal On ‘Safe an Sad’

Katie Drives decided to title her latest 6 tracks Ep Safe and Sad because it resonates her journey through life as well as her journey through the music industry. Authenticity, pure, raw, and powerful lyricism is the trademark of Katie Drives.

The first single “Ghosts” (feat. Dear Me) already found its way into the officially curated Deezer playlist “nu_rock”. The latest release “Anywhere But Here” was able to gain attention and support from the rock scene’s renowned media outlets Ghost Killer Entertainment and Scene Daddy. Together with the other single “Next To You”, the three songs have a total of around 1.5 million video views on their sounds on social media.

Katie Drives for years has been making timeless sounds that can stand the test of time, and she threads cautiously on that path to produce such classics. A vivid example of such classics is her latest 6 tracks Ep “Safe and Sad”. With a distorted dark voice and crazy rattling guitar riffs, Katie drives takes her listeners on a wild ride.

How she narrates her ordeal yet tunes it to make her listeners feel as tho it’s a narration of their own life makes listening to Safe and Sad intriguing and captivating, so with this in mind it makes perfect sense to feel the melancholy surrounding the Ep.

Sometimes we feel alone, lost, invisible, misunderstood, and these feelings are some of the downsides of life, it often leaves a void in us that makes it difficult for us to heal from. Katie doesn’t just sing, she speaks up using her experience as a source of motivation for everybody who has ever been in the state or is still in the position.

One key thing that cannot be overlooked is her voice, which is a key factor Katie drives never lose touch of, with each song, she masterfully matches her voice to the theme of the song, keeping you at the edge wanting more of her

Listen to Safe and Sad below;


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