Polsky Shares The Fear Of The Unknown In New Single ‘Song For The Silver Surfer’

It’s obvious Polsky is a sucker for love and he doesn’t hide it at all, he proudly makes this known in his latest single Song For The Silver Surfer. Polsky is a London-based pop singer who shares his emotions in the only way he knows best.

Singing has always been a part of his life and played a major role in his upbringing. How he makes his music is clear proof of his dedication and passion for his music. Polsky is a natural-born talent, it seems singing comes easy to him, and this is evidently displayed in his latest single.

Song For The Silver Surfer is a ballad that talks about the uncertainties of growing up with the love of your life, the fear of losing your significant other and what comes next after that.

Lead Singer Kris Warren on Silver Surfer states, “it was written in response to recent times when existential anxiety and the idea of death have been lurking uneasily in our peripheral thoughts, with the message that once we find ways to acknowledge and accept these fears, we can take back control and start to re-write our futures.”

This according to Polsky is what gravitated him to write this song, and you have to give it to how he made the sound his own, the delivered the lyrics in a way not to make the listener lose track of the lyrics.

The instrumentation at the beginning of the song makes the song more attractive, and calm with a melancholy vibe, this prepares your heart and mind for the piece of art in coming.

Listen to Song For The Silver Surfer below

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