Spence Paull’s Bergamo Was Inspired By True Life Story

A few seconds in Bergamo, you could feel the rich and energetic yet calm voice of singer and songwriter Spence Paull. Spence Paull sprays the room all over with love using her latest single Bergamo.

At a very early age, Spence Paull was already writing and recording her own music as early as age eleven, training with Juno Winner, Angela Kelman of Farmer’s Daughter. Since then she kept polishing her craft to own her sound, and now we can confidently say she owns it.

Her musicianship is widely displayed across each song she produces, this makes her songs relatable and ear-pleasing. She often takes inspiration from her surroundings and her personal life as well.

Bergamo was birth from her personal love story. Would you fly from Canada to Italy to meet somebody you’ve met in just six months on the internet out of love? Would you? Well, Spence Paull risked it all for that lucky person and shared the experience in the song.

She employed her unique songwriting skills and mixed them with her breathtaking voice to bring out the beauty of her love story, Bergamo carries so many emotions and so many feelings are born from listening, you could feel her joy while listening.

This was made possible thanks to the great instrumentation which allowed her to shine brightest with her voice, her voice is captivating and enticing, bringing out the essence of Bergamo in bright colors.

Listen to Bergamo below


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