Totemo Shares Her Ordeal In ‘My Gravity’

Totemo, a singer-songwriter-producer, has just released a brand-new cinematic music film to go with her single My Gravity. The song “My Gravity,” which Totemo co-produced with Roy Avital, depicts a post-breakup visit to her ex’s apartment, which they used to share. It is direct, to the point, and brutally honest.

The song “My Gravity” is Totemo and Paik’s second joint effort; Paik also made the music video for the EP’s lead track, “Keep Burning.” Totemo and Young-Wook Paik met while they were both performing at a music event in Seoul. Paik is a well-known director of commercials, short films, and features. Due to their shared love of music, the two developed a friendship, and during Covid, the notion to work together was born.

Director Young-Wook Paik, who is located in Seoul, wrote and directed the music video for “My Gravity.” The video, which features Choi Yu-Hwa and Kim Si Heon, is a cinematic poetic riddle in which the central character slowly comes to terms with her position in time as she battles to realize that she is caught in a cycle of a failing relationship.

“My Gravity” is the final single from her latest EP. Totemo and Roy Avital’s previous collaboration – Everything Happens Only Once LP – gained over 1M streams on Spotify.

Her singles were featured on Spotify’s “All New Indie” (twice), and “Indie Pop”. With radio placement on Galgalatz, Israel’s leading hit radio station, she toured all over Europe, Africa, and the Far-East (China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea), and was invited to perform in SXSW.

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