Alexandra Shares Sentiments On ‘I’m Not Good At This Anymore’

One distinct feature of music by Alexandra is the balance she maintains between catchy melodies, captivating lyrics, and breathtaking vocals. Alexandra is able to achieve this because music has always been part of her since childhood.

Growing up as a singer, she gravitated more to writing songs that are relatable and engaging, sharing sounds that resonate with the listener’s state of mind. Ultimately, her goal is to create something that cultivates a sense of community, a live show that wows you, and a found friend in her lyrics.

Her latest single “I’m Not Good At This Anymore” has mind-boggling lyrics that compel the listener to not only enjoy the melody of the song but also allow the song to dawn on them. In I’m Not Good At This Anymore, Alexander shares the post clarity after doing something you used to enjoy, but don’t anymore.

When asked about her inspiration behind the song she said ;

“I’m Not Good At This Anymore” is an indie pop/rock track born out of the post-first date come down – where the excitement of getting to know someone is watered down by the realization that your childlike wonder surrounding love has evaporated.”

She continued to say

“This song soundtracks the feelings of cynicism that sit on the other side of self-awareness. Layered vocals, driving guitars, and a slow burn push to the end beg us to ask the question, “is the grass really greener on the other side?”

When it comes to singing it’s undeniable Alexandra does it best, this is shamelessly spread across the 3 minutes 22 seconds song, where she lays her lyrics with an enticing voice that draws you closer and prepares your heart for the message.

“I’m Not Good At This Anymore” is the follow-up to the lighthearted previous release “Bonnie & Clyde”, nonetheless this is toppled with an addictive chorus that gets you hooked, wanting more and more of it. The energetic live drums give the music a new, organic pulse, but the deliberate lyrics, layered vocals, and hard-driving guitars link the songs together.

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