Julian Trans Seals It All With Fantasy Unlimited: Part IV

At this point you have probably heard about the multi-talented young champ Julian Tran who is on a musical quest to bring lovers of good music closer to soundgasm, if you haven’t, then I can boldly say you are missing out, and you need to check his catalog.

Julian Tran is known for his cathartic display of exceptional songwriting skills toppled with his vocal delivery and dedication to good music. FANTASY UNLIMITED is a four-part project with each part containing two solid songs that showcase the artist’s mastery of words.

From FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART I through to FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV, Julian Tran kept a steady progress, and setting the mood right with his records and FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV is just more than what his audience was looking forward to. Like the previous releases FANTASY UNLIMITED: PART IV has two unique sounds, Strange Times and Here They Come.

The violin arrangement in “Strange Times” was written by French violinist and singer Clara Barry & himself and performed by her. The instrumentals are heart-piercing and melancholic and desire, a ballad that sways your heart like the breeze at dawn. The Violin really did the magic, by lightening the room with the violin licks.

Julian Tran closed the session with a love song, the lyrics portray the antagonist as someone who has harbored his feelings for that special person and final gathering the courage to share it with that person, a declaration of love to a friend.

He writes, records, produces, and mixes all of the works by himself in his home studio. The album cover was imagined, designed & crafted by multi-disciplinary British artist Thomas Brett. He also designed the covers for the three remaining parts.


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