Human Race – STOP! Urges Acclaimed Producer KMALECTRO

Technology keeps advancing with each passing day, and scientist keeps improving themselves as well as their inventions, they aim to make life easier for the inhabitants, but not forgetting that making a real change in the world demand humans to make a conscious effort in making it better.

Although he started producing music recently, this musician looks nothing like it multi-talented artist KMALECTRO has a new release he titles Human Race – STOP! this is a unique blend of electronic beats and soulful vocals, exploring the intersection of technology and humanity.

Although Human Race – STOP! has no vocals it doesn’t fall short when to comes to the theme of the song, this is because from the start to finish the song maintains that momentum to keep the listener busy.

KMALECTRO takes his musical influences from a wide range of genre and this is evident in his new release a truly satisfying piece of art. When asked about what inspired in the creation of Human Race – STOP, this is what he had to say:

“As a solo artist, I take on all aspects of the creative process, from producing my own beats to playing the tabla, guitar, and piano. I may not be a live performer or trained musician, but my passion and dedication to my artistry is unwavering. Each song is a journey that I craft with care, and I pour my heart into producing accompanying videos that bring my music to life. For me, being an artist is not just a profession but a way of life, and I’m proud to create music that connects with fans on a deeper level”

Human Race – STOP! is accompanied by a music video which serves as a visual presentation of the artist perspective.

Watch Human Race – STOP! below






Mister Styx
Mister Styx
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