Farees Encourages Mental Awareness With “She Talks With Jesus”

The stigmatization surrounding Mental Health has been a cancer in society for decades and gradually it is taking a toll on the victim and their family. But multi-talented artist Farees aims to change this narrative through his latest single “She Talks With Jesus”.

Being of a multiracial background has really affected the type of music he produces,  being multiracial and having grown up in numerous countries and continents gave Farees a different perspective on society, a different view on human relations. He is multilingual, and you can tell he’s someone who can embody different cultures and worldviews without having to pick sides.

His latest single “She Talks With Jesus” was inspired by his mother’s mental condition, because he had a first-hand experience with that, it enabled him to have a clear understanding of the situation, and that made him realize the condition of mentally ill people face on a daily.

Mixing his Tuareg roots with desert blues and some acoustic folks, Farees hits the right note and gives the track ample time to shine, the melody of the track an also something to take home as well as his smoothing raw voice along with the breathtaking instrumentals

This ballad sinks down into your heart, he chose the right instrumentation for the song, a tune where he was allowed to pour out his heart on the guitar riffs showcasing his songwriting and singing prowess, though psychedelic, the melancholy in the song widely spoken.

Farees is outspoken and courageous and doesn’t cower when it comes to pointing out the flaws in society, he makes it his sole responsibility to educate the lot when it comes to mental health awareness and point out some of the myths attributed to it.

Listen to She Talks With Jesus below

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