Jay Roecker Presents ‘ A New Day For You’

Jay Roecker, who has extensive experience working as a National Manager of Artist Partnerships for the Radio Disney Network, has always had a vision of creating and writing his own music. Over the years of music creation, Jay has been able to discover his voice and hone his crafts.

He combines his skills as a singer, and songwriter in a way that makes music that is both emotional and upbeat. The electropop artist always have something up his sleeves.

His progress is very consistent and each song he produces is relatable and easy to be consumed by music lovers across the globe. The track is packed with vibrant synth tones and features Roecker’s captivating vocal leads that carry infectiously catchy melodic lines.

His ultimate goal is to take his listeners on a journey of self-discovery by giving them an experience that makes them feel like they are there.‘A new day for you’ is a perfect example of the capabilities of the multi-talented artist.

In the song A new day for you Jay Roecker shares the importance of looking forward to a brighter day instead of been stuck by past events, it is an epic alternative electronic pop track with a modern new wave tilt.

The song serves as an inspirational song for everyday people, and because of its upbeat it also poses as a dance song to dance away your troubles.

Listen to A New Day For You

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