Beth Macari Sets The Mood Right With ‘Feel The Same’

Beth Macari has been known for making feel-good music regardless of the time or season, yet never straying from her soul singer roots, Beth uses her powerful vocal delivery to reel you in and her lyrics to keep you hooked.

Her latest release ‘Feel The Same’ is an erotic song that can be enjoyed by lovers all around. ‘Feel The Same’ kicks off with a low vibe, tricking you to believe it is a slow vibe, but just as you settle with that thought, boom the beat moves up.

Beth’s addictive voice makes the song easy to grasp and move with the flow, the song poses as an 80’s jam with a modern touch yet psychedelic and catchy.

“Feel The Same is an empowering track, but also a self-indulgent one. It’s all about self-confidence, about having fun, dancing and letting your hair down.

– Beth stated, she added;

“Feel-good pop is the vibe I’m trying to create here, all while staying true to my soulful edge.”

Feel The Same is accompanied by a music video that represents Macari’s thoughts. The song’s sentiments and structure are strongly felt, and they are meant to resonate and promote intimacy among lovers everywhere.

Beth Macari is bent on making the best of her music career seeing this is her debut for the year 2023. If this is her first for the year, then I can’t wait to see what other tricks she has up her sleeves.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t have a partner, Feel the same has been tailored to be enjoyed but people across the globe regardless of the language or marital status, so whatever your status might be, rest assured ‘Feel The Same’ feels the same way about you.


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