City Island Pours In The Heart And Soul Into Latest Ep – All The Love

Listening to the songs on “All The Love” you can literally taste the hard work and dedication the duo had to put in to make this masterpiece. It makes perfect sense getting to know that it took Nick Pretel and Josh Anthony two(2) years to finalize all the songs on their new Ep All The Love.

When Nick Pretel and Josh Anthony combine their musical powers the duo get into a perfect sync to produce mind-boggling songs, they perform under the moniker City Island.

Listening to City Island you would hear great acts like Bruno Mars, Durand Jones, to Coldplay, and Hozier, as they are the band’s main inspirations. City Island a soulful indie band bent on producing nothing but songs that would leave yearning for more.

With 7 solid songs on the Ep, City Island takes the listener on a musical journey of alternating sound, ranging from nostalgia, feel-good, ballad, rock, pop, and lots you least expect.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to review All The Love by City Island, I wouldn’t have been able to really experience these overwhelming feelings. The lyrics of the songs were influenced by the background of Nick and Anthony, these lyrics are relatable, the raw emotions they bring to life.

Listen to All the Love below

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Mister Styx
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