Rebecca Richards Just Loves Been A ‘Music Maker’

Classically trained pianist and singer-songwriter from Pontypool in South Wales, Rebecca Richards has shared her profound love for music in her latest single ‘ Music Maker ’.

With her gorgeous chord progressions, melody creation, and beautiful voice, acclaimed singer Rebecca Richards shares the story of how she got on the right track after going into a hiatus due to her fears, but thankfully she has been able to conquer that fear and vows to never look back.

“I am a woman who has already had a life but is living the dream of my 20year old self who was too scared try. I am absolutely loving music creation, performing and the interaction it brings. It just goes to show, it really isn’t ever too late to try.” – says Rebecca Richards on Music Maker

Music Maker is an inspiring ballad that talks to the heart by asking thought-provoking questions that leads to selfactualization. Rebecca’s songs are uplifting and empowering whilst maintaining the theme of the song.

Her love of music is heavily steeped in country, blues, and rock. Music Maker itself is a country/blues song that shares the excitement and joy that she feels each time she is making music, and thus she prefers to be called – Music Maker.

The arrangement of the instruments is powerful giving way to the angelic voice of Rebecca Richards as she lays her vocals on the song. The track is upbeat and catchy with a chorus that will have you singing along.

The song itself is a reminder to chase our passions regardless of how long we’ve strayed from the part, this assessment can be witnessed in the first line of the song, where the singer asks “What Makes You Happy”

Listen to Music Maker below

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