Liv Crash Tells You The Truth To Your Face In New Song – You Fool(Mad)

You Fool (Mad)is a satirical piece by Milan-based singer and songwriter Liv Crash, who spent most of his youth harnessing his skill which is his undying love for music production.

He blends several genres like blend rock, funk, and jazz into the song, with support from his bold and powerful lyricism, and this is evidently displayed in his latest single “You Fool (Mad)”

Have you ever loved someone so much but regardless of your actions and constantly expressing your love, they never return that love, never, yet you keep hopes high, hoping one day the narrative would change. Later, you come to realization that you have been a fool all this while. A fool although you took all those decisions out of love.

As we all know the truth hurts, but singer Liv Crash has taken it upon himself to paint the picture in bright colors for anybody who find themself in such a situation.

One interesting fact about the song is his guitar solo on song, a proof of his musicianship, while he draws inspiration from famous guitarists, including David Gilmore, Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, and John Petrucci, Liv Crash makes his sound unique, making it his own.  Liv Crash’s voice in the song makes way for the message in the song, allowing the lyrics of the song to descend on you.

The tune is melancholic as it should be, a perfect piece for such a message, and a reminder to know when to draw the curtain, so as not to waste more time, yet ‘You Fool (Mad)’ is softer, smooth, gentle and soothing.

Liv Crash has released 2 singles before “You Fool”

1) “Cause even in this song

2) “Shakespeare inspired the boobs

and he is going to release a fourth single on 2023 May 5th

All four are introducing his debut album “ Cause even in this album”, which would be released on July 7th

You Fool (Mad) is accompanied by a music video. Watch the full video below

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