Joshua Ketchmark Rises From ‘The Ashes’

Only are few singers can make you fall in love with their song after they sing their first line, and Joshua Ketchmark is one of the few capable of doing that. This is evident in his new song “Ashes”.

Ashes is a ballad where the singer shares his deepest thoughts and fights he had to fight to enable him to keep going, the song was inspired by his personal experiences.

Joshua Ketchmark is blessed with a god-like voice, his voice carries the message in the song deep into your soul. To compliment his emotive vocals is his songwriting ability blended with some Americana.

Ketchmark is bent on making breathtaking songs that can stand the test of time as Ashes is a tale of fortitude, forgiveness, and overcoming adversity. What distinguishes him as an artist is his capacity to engage listeners on a personal level and produce music that relates to the human experience.

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter intends to uplift and give hope to anyone who’s been through tough times and come out stronger. Ashes is accompanied by a music video where Joshua Ketchmark is seen passionately playing his guitar while singing along.

Watch to Ashes below

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