Lilac Frog Takes You Around ‘Flying Without Wings’

Born Harri Hocking is a songwriter, composer, and producer from the southwest of the UK who goes by the stage name Lilac frog. Lilac Frog outdoor’s latest EP “Flying Without Wings” which offers two uniquely produced songs that exude great listening pleasure and satisfaction.

Although the Ep spans over 6 minutes and 50 seconds, the two songs hit differently after each song, putting the songs on rotation takes the listener on a euphoric ride in the wild, taking them into another dimension, a world devoid of any form of bad vibes.

“The contrast within this project is what makes it so genuine. I sat down in silence to pen my thoughts into reality, and this is the result of pouring my heart, soul, tears and nostalgia all into one. Each track represents a different aspect of my life and experiences, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.” – Lilac frog states.

The first song on the EP “Happy Ending” features another powerful singer Mia Robson, the divine voice of the singer is thrilling, sending chills down your spine, I mean the title of the song is Happy Ending, so this is expected, With subtle vocal harmonies and a smooth shift to a synth-pop vibe, the song will soon have you singing along. The musical phrases in this upbeat electronic pop song are memorable long after the song has finished.

The second is a Solo track by the multi-talented artiste Lilac Frog titled “Friends And Strangers” is a heartfelt ballad where Lilac pours out all his emotions into the song. Both songs on the Flying Without Wings were masterfully produced by Lilac Frog, a clear indication of his capabilities

Jump into the world of Lilac Frog as he takes you into a sonic world, undoubtedly Flying Without Wings is a classical gem and that draws attention to his authenticity, incredible musicianship amongst other qualities.

Listen to Flying Without Wings below

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